1) Church Leaders Training...

Any leader- Pastor the greatest gift you can give to yourself as a leader and the people you are leading is you as a leader to grow first; to grow in knowledge first. We as Set Them Free International, we go out to church leaders in local communities to equip them, encourage them, train them and to remind them to serve well our generation and the coming generation. We do through;

  • one to one mentoring

  • small group mentoring

  • and conducting conferences and Residential conferences

2) Youths Empowerment

Set Them Free International mobilizes and organizes games and sports events for youths in local communities in order to bring them together, build up their social life, prevent them from idle reckless habits, etc.

Set Them Free International mobilizes and empowers youths in skills developments. This is done mainly through promoting vocational trainings for young people locally in the areas of operation

3) Sustainable Development.....


4) Advancement of Education

Set Them Free International implements the following activities with a strategy to increase the enrollment of children in universal educational schools; make their stay more comfortable at school and to ensure improved quality education services accessed by learners.

Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children with access to Education through Child Sponsorship by linking sponsors with children in disadvantaged communities. Promoting sustainable self-reliant schools through provision of material support to disadvantaged schools particularly in remote communities.